Cut & Sew - Barely Any Sewing Needed Baseball Dress


This is a project I have been aiming to try and make for ages and simply never got round to it - the sewing pile just grows!

But here it is! Super simple.

I took a baseball top and cut it into half creating a ‘crop top’ Then I pinned the skirt to the top and sewed into place. I over locked the the raw edges - if you dot have an over locker than ‘zig zagging’ the edges with a standard sewing machine works very well too.

This is one of my favourite pieces so far! So easy to make and wear 💚.


DIY Your Buttons


I was set the wee challenge to update a coat that was in need of a little tlc rather than it being placed in the bin. All that was needed was a little sewing to stitch a pocket back in place and replace the buttons as half of them ad fallen off. Apart from this coat is perfect and with these small changes as good as new.

The challenge was to find buttons that the coat owner liked AND were the rightsize, which was 30mm. This is where I came slightly unstuck - to start with!

I could find buttons that were right but none of them were big enough. I did think about making my own from resin proxy glue but given I have not used it before it seemed a big thing to do for the first time - when i wasn’t the coats owner!

However, did make me think. So I found some plain black buttons that were the right size with holes going through the button. Then I took the buttons that were the correct design and simply glued them on top of each other alining the holes so that when they had died I could sew them to the coat.

Actually, simpler than you would think and incredible fun too! ✭


Create Your Own Festival Boot


1.Broken Jewels.

I never throw away broken jewellery. I store it in a box and it can come in super handy.



Select a few pieces you like without judging what is wrong with them.


3.Use a good glue.

I love UHU craft glue or Gorilla gel sure glue.


4.Easy craft project.

Simply glue your jewels, beads or sparkles on to the leather, leave to dry and add to any boot!

Tie Dye - Expectations v's Reality

1. Cotton blouse.

1. Cotton blouse.

2. Shell / button / stone and elastic bands.

2. Shell / button / stone and elastic bands.

3. Starting point - shell / stone / button.

3. Starting point - shell / stone / button.

4.Note where you place the elastic bands - the dye SHOULD NOT TAKE.

4.Note where you place the elastic bands - the dye SHOULD NOT TAKE.

5. Machine dye. I always use a 40 degree wash.

5. Machine dye. I always use a 40 degree wash.


I can simply say I am so pleased with this tie-dye blouse but note! The best fabrics to dye are cotton or natural fibres AND wrap those elastic bands tightly - SUPER TIGHTLY!

The Best Advice You Could Ever Get About Recycle Designer Fashion Vintage


I wish someone had told me years ago that recycling vintage clothing would be so refreshing and fun.

For years I have collected vintage clothing from flea markets, shops with no changing rooms, market stalls you name it - I’ve need up with a tonne of fantastic ‘finds’ that don’t always fit.

I’ve kept these clothes for ages, not wearing them and yet also too afraid to make changes. Well, that has changed.

This year I decided to use what I have. if something doens’t fit and I cant wear it then something has to change. I.e chop chop ✂️.

For example this dress is simply made by chopping the skirt off of a 1980s Zandra Rhodes dress (the bodice didn’t fit and even if it did - I wouldn’t have worn it). I then attached the skirt to a tunic top. The tunic is hand embroidered and totally stunning. As simple as that! one line of stitching.

Now I have dress that I can layer over thermals and tight for the winter and or synch the waist in with a belt over the warmer months. ❤️

Bleach & Tie-dye Denim Jeans

Easy tie-dye jeans.

Easy tie-dye jeans.

It is easy to tie-dye denim once you have removed the initial denim colour, unless you have white denim.

I simply zig zag (like pleating) folded up the length of the legs separately. I then used elastic bands to hold my pleated fabric together. I used several elastic bands along the width of the folded fabric.

I them put the jeans in a bucket and poured house hold bleach over them. I like to leave denim in bleach for 45 to 60 mins. Then remove the jeans and place in a washing machine on 40 degree wash - use gloves!

Then all you have to do is removed elastic band s and pop back into the washing machine with a washing machine dye! Again I use a 40 degree wash.


The 'Super' Super Hero T-shirt


I just about to take a couple of bags to the charity shop when i thought id have a last look inside them - I find throwing things out so hard. Firstly they them immediately seem to come back into fashion or suddenly you decide you cant live with out them. Yesterday I was brutal with myself - in or out and when they were an out they went straight into a bag for charity - no looking back.

I struggles with throwing t-shirts out because I reuse them so much but these two t-shirts were too small and even i hear in the ;fashion news’ small , cropped t-shirts are on there way back… I’m 44 and not sure if I’m up for that look now.

But it suddenly occurred to me that two t-shirts could easily make one. All I had to do was cut them into two and sew them together. Obviously being small I didn’t want to cut them in half - see below for how cut them them.


taking the two larger sides I them turned them inside out and sewed them together.

And that was literally all I did. I have an over locker machine so used this but as t-shirt material doesn’t tend to fray, a simple sewing machine would also work.


Easy Recycle Project To Upgrade A Denim Jacket

Denim Jacket - East London Style (home made), T-shirt - Coke Cola

Denim Jacket - East London Style (home made), T-shirt - Coke Cola

I love working on all sorts of projects, some are long and lengthy and there is a real enjoyment in seeing something grow. However sometimes I want a quick fix. Generally when I feel like this - I chop the leg hems off a pair of jeans and wash them, giving them an instant new finish.

The same can be applied to denim jackets…


With this jacket I simply cut the arms off and folded back the fabric about an inch and a half and sewed in place. The only thing to do than is wash, this will roughen up the edge and create a great finish.

Note also with this jacket I added pockets. Now, when I am looking at recycling jeans there are certain areas that can’t be patched - the crotch - and when this has happened I use the denim as a piece of fabric. I will take off any features that can be used else where - pockets are great to reuse!

With this jacket I just added them, the only thing that stopped me adding more was the weight of the jacket. I simply placed the pocket on the jacket and sewed around the sides and bottom of the pocket thus allowing the pocket to still be of use 😊.


T-shirt & Dress Up-cycled


I have made t-shirt dresses before using a skirt and t-shirt and this is very similar. The only difference is that The skirt fabric is taken from a dress.

I used a very pretty silk FrostFrench dress which was great but the straps bugged me and I felt too dainty in it - just a general ‘off’ feeling but actually nothing wrong with the dress.

All you have to do is chop the t-shirt a couple of inches below the bottom of your bust.

Cut the straps off the dress and I used the neckline of the dress to attach to the cut hem of the t-shirt. I knew that by doing this the hem line of the finished dress would be wonky but i liked the idea of it not being perfect - wonky hems can be called asymmetric - See Preens amazing collections.

And - that is it! Made yesterday, worn today ❤️.


Mis-Matched Easy Sew Denim Jacket


This jacket is super easy to make and is a great example of how you can change and re-style its of clothing time after time. 

Initially I bleached half a denim jacket using the technique 'How To Bleach A Jacket', then when I had got bored of wearing it this way I decided to chop the bottom off the original jacket and add the bottom of another jacket to it. 

The easy to thing to do is find the centre back of each jacket and place these together and pin. When you sew them together it is best to start from this centre point and work outwards towards the front. I.e sewing half at a time. 

I decided to over lap and simply placed the jacket top on top of the bottom jacket and ran a siege line of running stitch along it to keep in place. 

To achieve the ragged and worn finish I simply put the finished jacket in the washing machine with some fabric conditioner for a quick wash and then left to air dry. 

I love the way that the top and bottom aren't matching sizes! 


Up-cycled T-shirt Dress


This dress is so easy to wear and so easy to make. It is aldo great because it can be made with items of clothing that we have hanging around in our wardrobes that probably we no longer wear. I used an old t-shirt that has a few holes and rips, these can be mended or left to add to character.


Firstly I then took a cotton skirt and cut the waist band off. 

Then I took the t-shirt and cut it below the armpits across the whole of the t-shirt so it was left resembling a cropped top.

Turning the t-shirt top and the skirt inside out, I placed the edges together. Simply running it through the sewing machine using a running stitch I sewed them together. I stretched the skirt to match the same length as the circumference of the t-shirt an pined them together before sewing them. 

You can 'zig zag' finish the raw edges of leave them raw.

All that is left to do it turn the dress the right way round and enjoy...


Never Be Afraid Of Change


I love heavily embroidered dresses but one thing i have noticed is that they are heavy, literally heavy to lift and heavy there fore to wear. For while I didn't now what to do but then I decided to take the plunge and remove some of the weight. 


The sleeves of this dress are amazing but heavy and long, in fact because of this I have never worn the dress. I decide to literally chop the sleeves off and use then on another idea (tomorrows post). There was nothing special about what I did, taking a pair of scissors I cut the sleeves off leaving enough for me to double turn the raw edge over and sew to create a simple and neat hem. 

And that is it. I know have a great dress that is easy to wear and amazing trim to create another great project. 

Patchwork Jeans

Jacket - Bad Denim, T-shirt - New York Souvenir Shop, Jeans - East London Style (Home-made).

Jacket - Bad Denim, T-shirt - New York Souvenir Shop, Jeans - East London Style (Home-made).

My simple trick to being ale to embellish jeans - is to buy a mens pair of jeans larger by 6cm than i need to fit me I then split open each leg down the middle - either the centre back or the centre front of the leg. This allows me to sew onto the fabric whilst it is flat, making life sooooooo much easier (no pun intended 😊).

With this pair of jeans, I wanted see how they would look when the seam went down the middle of the jeans leg interrupting the embellishment. 

I simply sewed squares of fabric onto of the denim in random places. 

Then turn the jeans inside out and resew the centre  from seam of each leg. I overlock the seams, hover if you don't have access to an over locker then simply use a zigzag stitch on the edge of the fabric or 'pinking shears' which are scissors with give a 'zig zag' finish. 

I know I make it sound easy and once you have a go - it is I promise ❤️ but if you ever need any help or advice - please feel free to contact me 📮.


Denim Jacket Bleached Sleeves

Denim Jacket - Hand-made (East London Style).

Denim Jacket - Hand-made (East London Style).


This is a super simple update for your denim jacket. Any denim jacket will do, new, old, stretch, any. 

Simply take you jacket and using parcel tape, place a cross the sleeve to create a line to which the bleach won't pass. Do this to both sleeves equally and then place the sleeves into a bucket, sink (anything that you are happy to put bleach into). 

Pour the bleach onto the sleeves up to the of the tape. 

Leave for a good hour, up to two hours as you don't want the fabric to break down. 

Remove the tape and wash. If possible air dry outside ☀️.


Girls World - Fashion Designer


When I was growing up these were all the rage. I never had one, I'm not sure why - perhaps it just wasn't my thing - I never felt a sense of missing out. Then recently on eBay I saw this one. Something inside me wanted it, I bid, I won - I then felt guilty. I'm 44 years old, I can draw and have had accomplished success in 'fashion' goals in my life, so why now have a got a 'Girls World' being delivered to my house I thought... 

With a terrible sense of guilt I unwrapped the box (slightly battered) and tired to ease my guilt with thoughts like - all my kids friends can borrow it... and they can if they can get me off it! 

I love it! Quick fix for mindful doodling - this is it! 


Festival Butterfly Sequin Denim Jacket - Easy Recycle Job


A denim jacket is one of the easier items of clothing to recycle - there are so may things to do dying, bleaching, patching...

The reason why it is so easy is that it is easy to lie the item flat. The jacket I am using is one that I made by taking two jackets splitting them down the centre back and then reattaching the opposite pieces. You can use any type of jacket, fancy, fun or classic. 

I then took a sequin top that had seen better days and unattached the side and shoulder seams. 


I simply placed the segue top on to the back of the denim jacket attacking it along the arm hole and shoulders and across the centre back of the jacket, letting the rest of the sequin top to hang freely. 

Festival ready ☀️!


Don't be Afraid To Grab The Scissors


Never, have a fear of changing something. 

I look at everything with the the thought of how can I make a change.. obviously not everything I purchase, find or have needs changing or t be up cycled but often I see things  love but they don't fit. 

For example, I loved this shirt and found it in Traid for £10. Sadly it was enormous on me, everything about it swamped me. I thought about shortening the sleeves but again it was going to be massive. So it occurred to me that if I lost the sleeves, then although the body of the shirt would be big but I wouldn't be swamped. 

So I decided to upcyle - Upcycling is the opposite of downcycling, which is the other half of the recycling process. Downcycling involves converting materials and products into new materials of lesser quality. Most recycling involves converting or extracting useful materials from a product and creating a different product or material. Turning at item that I can't or wouldn't use into something I'm going to love to wear!

Literally, I cut the sleeves out. I cut them out of the arm hole, leaving the leather fringing to hang over the arm. Sometimes all you need are scissors ✂️.


Super Easy Bleach & Over Dyed Denim Jacket


This is a super easy way to update any denim jacket and add some colour in to your spring and summer (when it arrives ☀️) wardrobe.

Just take a denim jacket and place it in a sink or bucket that you don't mind having bleach in. I would recommend wearing latex or rubber gloves, as a protective barrier.

Simply place the jacket in the bucket or sink and add bleach - any bleach will do. I used a large quantity and aimed to cover most of the jacket. I rubbed the bleach in gently wearing my gloves ✋ but didn't worry too much about totally covering the whole jacket. 

Keep an eye on the jacket, you can see the colour being removed fairly quickly. I suggest leaving it for 1-2 hours maximum.


Then wearing your gloves, take the jacket out of the bleach and place in the washing machine.

I like to add washing powder and wash on a 40 degree wash - our washing machine does this on a 45 minute wash and generally the bleach smell is removed. As we are over dying afterwards, the jacket actually gets a second wash so this will remove the bleach smell.


Having washed the jacket, allow if to dry.

Then I used Dylon Peony Pink machine dye. These dyes are great as they contain the fixative - salt and there fore you do not need to add anything else. Place the jacket and the dye powder into the washing machine. Again I use the 40 degree wash. When the wash has finished simply hang out to dry 💕.