How To - Bleach A Jacket


Evidently denim jackets are set to be big - in style, shape and fashion this coming spring. I have already been working on a few ideas over the last few months, mainly involving sewing and reworking old denim jackets that people have discarded for various reasons - holes, missing buttons, rips. 

But I had a quick idea last week with involves no sewing and is a quick and easy way to get the current trend of re-working denim - simply fake it - with bleach. 

💙All that is needed is a denim jacket, house hold bleach (I always use cheap and cheerful) and some masking tape. 💙

 Simply place the masking tape down the back of the jacket so that the edge of the tape is the in the centre.

Place over a sink as below and add bleach. Leave for up to an hour.

Take the tape off and then put into the washing machine with detergent on a 40 degree wash.