Applique Denim Shorts

I found these shorts in my local Traid charity shop, I love them but they were too big. This simple trick shows that if a pair of denim shorts or jeans are too big OR too small it doesn't mean that you can't change this. 


Simply cut the shorts through the centre back of each leg through to the waist band.

At the point you can either take out the unwanted fabric or add an insert in.

I measured the waist band against my own waist measurement and deducted the excess fabric to make it my size BUT wait... I did add 2 inches seam allowance  - I like to have half an inch seam allowance on piece of fabric to allow for change and over locking.

Then I simply sewed back up the centre of the legs returning the shorts back to normal (apart from a center back seam).  At this point if you have access to an over-locker you can over lock the raw edges or simply use a zig zag stitch on the raw edges to stop fraying. 

Voila x