Bleach Denim

Bleach & Tie-dye Denim Jeans

Easy tie-dye jeans.

Easy tie-dye jeans.

It is easy to tie-dye denim once you have removed the initial denim colour, unless you have white denim.

I simply zig zag (like pleating) folded up the length of the legs separately. I then used elastic bands to hold my pleated fabric together. I used several elastic bands along the width of the folded fabric.

I them put the jeans in a bucket and poured house hold bleach over them. I like to leave denim in bleach for 45 to 60 mins. Then remove the jeans and place in a washing machine on 40 degree wash - use gloves!

Then all you have to do is removed elastic band s and pop back into the washing machine with a washing machine dye! Again I use a 40 degree wash.


Mis-Matched Easy Sew Denim Jacket


This jacket is super easy to make and is a great example of how you can change and re-style its of clothing time after time. 

Initially I bleached half a denim jacket using the technique 'How To Bleach A Jacket', then when I had got bored of wearing it this way I decided to chop the bottom off the original jacket and add the bottom of another jacket to it. 

The easy to thing to do is find the centre back of each jacket and place these together and pin. When you sew them together it is best to start from this centre point and work outwards towards the front. I.e sewing half at a time. 

I decided to over lap and simply placed the jacket top on top of the bottom jacket and ran a siege line of running stitch along it to keep in place. 

To achieve the ragged and worn finish I simply put the finished jacket in the washing machine with some fabric conditioner for a quick wash and then left to air dry. 

I love the way that the top and bottom aren't matching sizes!