Machine Dye

Super Easy Bleach & Over Dyed Denim Jacket


This is a super easy way to update any denim jacket and add some colour in to your spring and summer (when it arrives ☀️) wardrobe.

Just take a denim jacket and place it in a sink or bucket that you don't mind having bleach in. I would recommend wearing latex or rubber gloves, as a protective barrier.

Simply place the jacket in the bucket or sink and add bleach - any bleach will do. I used a large quantity and aimed to cover most of the jacket. I rubbed the bleach in gently wearing my gloves ✋ but didn't worry too much about totally covering the whole jacket. 

Keep an eye on the jacket, you can see the colour being removed fairly quickly. I suggest leaving it for 1-2 hours maximum.


Then wearing your gloves, take the jacket out of the bleach and place in the washing machine.

I like to add washing powder and wash on a 40 degree wash - our washing machine does this on a 45 minute wash and generally the bleach smell is removed. As we are over dying afterwards, the jacket actually gets a second wash so this will remove the bleach smell.


Having washed the jacket, allow if to dry.

Then I used Dylon Peony Pink machine dye. These dyes are great as they contain the fixative - salt and there fore you do not need to add anything else. Place the jacket and the dye powder into the washing machine. Again I use the 40 degree wash. When the wash has finished simply hang out to dry 💕.


Bleach & Over-Dye Jeans


Coloured denim is set to be a huge trend this summer. Inspired by the sunny yellow of the daffodils, plus the fact I found some yellow Dylon dye in the back of the washing cupboard - waste not want not, and all that ...


I simply choice a pair of jeans for myself and a pair for Lyric. Both pairs are going to be 'made to measure' or 'bespoke' i.e I am going to tailor them to fit us, so it didn't really matter on the size. What mattered most, was the level of  blue dye in the jeans. The jeans needed to be a medium blue so that we could strip the colour with bleach without destroying the fabric. 

Quick note - I like to leave clothes or fabric in bleach for up to an 1 hour maximum. 

I left the tops of the jeans out of the sink and away from the bleach. This enabled me to see how much dye was stripped away - and plus I liked the effect of leaving the waistband untouched. 

I put the jeans in our utility sink (you can use a bucket too) and poured cheap non branded bleach on to the denim. Leaving it on the denim for 45 minutes. 

Then I washed the jeans on a 40 degree wash with washing powder.

They were then left to dry.


All that was left to do was to put the jeans back into the washing machine when dry. Add the Dylon washing machine powder (I use the pods which contain everything needed to dye and fix the dye). I put them back onto a 40 degree wash and then hung them over a radiator to dry.


As you can see my jeans came out brighter and Lyrics came out darker and slightly patchy - which when we did a family  - we all preferred! 

The beauty of bleaching and over dying is the outcome can be slightly unpredictable but this can also be fun.