Recycled Kids Denim

Quick Children's Denim Jacket Update

Denim Jacket - East London Style (Home-made), Onsie - H&M.

Denim Jacket - East London Style (Home-made), Onsie - H&M.

When Lyric was really little he was drawn to badges, also I might add people liked giving him badges. For a while I wasn't really sure what to do with them, I would attach to his t-shirt and then forget about them. Some would survive the washing machine, others wouldn't...

But then one day when Lyric and I were in Paris, foraging around the flea market. I had an idea. 

Why not attach them to something, 'a something' which would put them all together in one place. At the same time, patches were massively popular. It occurred to me that both patches and badges would be best placed on denim. Lyric and I found a child old denim jacket. Simply we washed it and from then on any badges we were given or found we put onto the denim jacket. 


Such a simple thing and when he finally grows out of it, I have every intention of framing it. The jacket brings me immense pleasure and fond memories - all in one place. 

Please note, it doesn't have to be a denim jacket. Any item of clothing would work but a jacket works well as the pins aren't in direct contact with the skin.