Sustainable Denim

Mis-Matched Easy Sew Denim Jacket


This jacket is super easy to make and is a great example of how you can change and re-style its of clothing time after time. 

Initially I bleached half a denim jacket using the technique 'How To Bleach A Jacket', then when I had got bored of wearing it this way I decided to chop the bottom off the original jacket and add the bottom of another jacket to it. 

The easy to thing to do is find the centre back of each jacket and place these together and pin. When you sew them together it is best to start from this centre point and work outwards towards the front. I.e sewing half at a time. 

I decided to over lap and simply placed the jacket top on top of the bottom jacket and ran a siege line of running stitch along it to keep in place. 

To achieve the ragged and worn finish I simply put the finished jacket in the washing machine with some fabric conditioner for a quick wash and then left to air dry. 

I love the way that the top and bottom aren't matching sizes! 


Patchwork Jeans

Jacket - Bad Denim, T-shirt - New York Souvenir Shop, Jeans - East London Style (Home-made).

Jacket - Bad Denim, T-shirt - New York Souvenir Shop, Jeans - East London Style (Home-made).

My simple trick to being ale to embellish jeans - is to buy a mens pair of jeans larger by 6cm than i need to fit me I then split open each leg down the middle - either the centre back or the centre front of the leg. This allows me to sew onto the fabric whilst it is flat, making life sooooooo much easier (no pun intended 😊).

With this pair of jeans, I wanted see how they would look when the seam went down the middle of the jeans leg interrupting the embellishment. 

I simply sewed squares of fabric onto of the denim in random places. 

Then turn the jeans inside out and resew the centre  from seam of each leg. I overlock the seams, hover if you don't have access to an over locker then simply use a zigzag stitch on the edge of the fabric or 'pinking shears' which are scissors with give a 'zig zag' finish. 

I know I make it sound easy and once you have a go - it is I promise ❤️ but if you ever need any help or advice - please feel free to contact me 📮.