I’m a London based womenswear clothing designer. I work in a sustainable and eco-friendly way, making bespoke and project-based pieces. I like to use vintage items. I especially love to use discarded denim, utility and military wear as the basis of my design, incorporating these with vintage trimmings, haberdashery and textile pieces.  

I formerly co-foundered the jeans brand ELV Denim, an ecologically-aware denim label re-using recycled jeans.

I spend my time collecting and archiving vintage clothing, which are available for shoots, editorials & deisgn inspiration.

I have a passion for making and conjuring up new clothing ideas from discarded and unused clothes, be it unique bespoke pieces or working on commercial projects.

Most of my wanderlust centers around vintage clothing and fashion, but you’ll find a lot of reflections, ideas, inspirations and general tips around vintage clothing, craft and textiles in my “diary” too.

I hope this blog inspires you explore your own creativity. Feel free to leave a comment or follow me on social media.