Intrigued by the colour Green

Green is the colour of balance and growth. It is also the most common colour in the natural world - (second to blue). It is also the colour that conjures up the widest thoughts -

Being a combination of the insight and clarity of the colour blue plus good judgment from the colour yellow, it there fore creates a colour that is considerate emotionally balanced and harmonious. 


The word Culotte is derived from the French word Culot, historically referring to the lower half of a garment. Historically speaking in English they refer to breeches - a half leg trouser tied just below the knee with buckles or laces. 

The modern description for the Culotte is - a half or short legged trouser that initially looks like a skirt. 

Teen Vogue on Fishnets

So whilst the sun shines, the air has yet to catch up and warm up. Or is it perhaps just me...

Evidently our ankles are tough, in fact it has been said they are resistant to the cold.. not mine. 

And although I am all in favour of ankle swimming denim, distressed, chewed, ripped, remade.. I just still find it too cold. Which is why I have fell in love with the idea from Teen Vogue that wearing a fishnet ankle sock could solve this wee dilemma. Obviously I'm assuming on Teen Vogues behave its a 'fashion' statement, but as far as I am concerned - its tantamount to thermal genius - no dreadful puns intended at all...

Re-working Denim Jeans


My obsession with the Spring / Summer 2016 jeans from Vetements is huge! I love everything about them. The fit, style, colour, recycling, worn denim, lived in yet stylish, the fact each pair is individual, I could go on.

They are hand crafted individual jeans and with a price tag that goes with such craftsmanship and above anything I can justify (or afford) I decided to try making my own - further post with step by step details - but happy to confirm they aren't too hard to make.

LFW Inspiration / Alice Archer

Although I'm fairly consistent in loving, collecting and wearing vintage clothing - it doesn't stop me looking for future and emerging talent, which leads me onto Alice Archer.

Tailoring, florals, colour, mixtures of fabrics from velvets to hand knits all over worked with the most intricate and stunning embroideries. Having previously translated Tracey Emins drawings into embroidery and then taken a role at Dries Van Norten as a design assistant its more than time for Alice to present her own collection. 

One to watch - and for me  - one to collect!