No 'New' Clothes Challenge 2019


Having taken the challenge not to buy anything new for the year of 2019 (now being Thursday December 27th) it feels wrong to be shopping - even though in theory I could have a few days to pack in some serious shopping.

Instead, I am having a de-clutter. I am reorganising my wardrobe into different zones.

Everyday clothes - to keep.

Vintage clothes and collectables - to keep.

Items to be re-cycled / cut / re-sewn.

The thought behind this, is that it allows to me to work out what I actually have that I want to wear as is.

And more importantly what I have that I don’t like - i.e. clothes and fabrics that I can start to play with / re-cycle. For me this is the fun bit! I don’t have to have any guilt saying I don’t like an item of clothing, or that it doens’t fit me any more or that perhaps it isn’t in fashion.

Where as in the past I may have felt guilt for dismissing things I’ve spent money, now there is no guilt because nothing is going to wasted - Everything and anything can be re-made!

I never thought that by curtailing my love for shopping that I would feel such a refreshing sensation, perhaps I’d even go as far as to say a feeling of lightness / weight removed! 💚

My future wardrobe relies on the Eagle!

My future wardrobe relies on the Eagle!