A Vintage Dress Success Story You'll Never Believe

Dress - Paper Dress Vintage, Trainers - Fila Disruptor 2

Dress - Paper Dress Vintage, Trainers - Fila Disruptor 2

I knew that on Saturday our local vintage clothing store ‘Paper Dress Vintage’ was holding a sale. I’ve been before and these sales are great, cheap clothing but unlike an enormous ‘kilo sale’ this sale is well curated and manageable (on a hangover…). However I’m not in need of any more clothing, vintage or otherwise. In fact I’m clearing out, I’m putting everything into piles - keep, store, recycle and OUT.


I thought it rude not to go, they had kindly sent me an invite, at least go and have a look…


AND - yes I came home with a bag full, in fact 6 dresses and 1 skirt better off. Nows here’s the thing, I genuinely thought at this price that I would be looking at pieces that I could and perhaps would have to recycle but oh no. Each piece is fantastic in its own right. I may still recycle a couple of the dresses, the skirt will be made into a t-shirt dress for definite. So all in all an absolute success and the next sale… I’ll be there at the opening time of 10am on the nose!


N.B - I kept the tags and did a quick tally up when I got home. The full price total of my bag would have been £236 😊.