Here's Why Denim Is So Awesome To Recycle

Jeans - East London Style (Home made), Trainers - Fila Disruptor II

Jeans - East London Style (Home made), Trainers - Fila Disruptor II

I love working and recycling with denim. The main reason is that pretty much denim is indestructible. You can sew and re-sew and un-do and re-sew again pretty much on the same spot and the fabric will not give way and rip.

When and if you do get rips, patch it! Or leave it as a rip and incorporate this into what you are doing.

Recycling jeans is great, there are so many ways that I can’t wait to show you on this blog.

You can bleach, dye, over dye after bleaching, cutting, sewing, making into - dresses, skirts, shorts, new jeans, bags, pretty much anything and the great thing - yep - it’s pretty much indestructible.

With the jeans in these photographs, I have incorporated a pair of cargo pants (another very tough fabric that is great to work with), I have also added ribbons and tape.

And just for fun I didn’t bother having a plan or making them symmetrical in design - sewing is so enjoyable! and there are no rules as to what you can and can’t do.