New York Refresh


We’ve just come back from a 3 day trip to New York, which is no mean thing given that we live in London.

I love living in London, I love the hustle bustle and I also love the fact that I can get out of London time to time to the sea side. However there are times when I’m pleased to go somewhere different. New York always inspires me to be me - sound crazy? Possibly.

In London I get bogged down by routine, work, school run, food shopping. It can all feel relentless and bog me down without realsing it. New York is like London for me but different. Eveytime I go I come home feeling better about myself.

I find New York to be refreshing, people seem to embrace each other or be indifferent to each other - rather than being judgemental. A change of scene is always good, especially when your routine involves the school gate…

Back to London and we still have a week or so off school. I feel upbeat and excited to rexplore my own city.

Thanks New York for inspiring me to me again. ❤️