Small Steps To Bigger Things


Yesterday two things happened. One I had a random chat with the location manager of the film crew filming in the street and two, I answered some questions for an interview.

One of the questions that came up both times was how to could we the individual make a change or difference to fast fashion and recycling within the fashion industry.

I have a simple answer and maybe it’s too simple but I honestly believe if we stopped for a moment and took stock and appreciated what we have then we could reuse and or recycle things we already own.

I am not saying stop buying! We still need an economy and people still need things and actually the enjoyment of buying but the world has become so fast that I’m not sure if the moment we have something, we then lose interest immediately with it. And then want more!

Stopping for a moment and having gratitude for what we already have is a good thing. Some of the things we own we may no longer want and that’s totally cool. These items for example of clothing can be recycled, sold, given away or in my case chopped and re-sewn.

If we all do this once a month even, it would make a huge difference.

Small steps can make big differences ❤️