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Over the last few years there has been a change in ‘coffee table’ magazines. The likes of Vogue and Elle have survived but many have gone solely online . As much as I love online resources, I miss paper magazines. Nothing beats a good cup of tea and a browse through a magazine be it a sunny afternoon or rainy morning.

Which leads me on to a new ethos of magazine I’ve found full fills my coffee table desires.

Oh Comely - a beautiful magazine focusing on stories, culture, curiosities, makers, crafts and ideas.

And my second magazine - Frankie, focusing on design, art, photography, fashion, travel, music, craft , home and life - which pretty much nails it all. Both magazines are printed on paper worthy of keeping and the least you can do when you finished is keep on your coffee table or share with friends!

The One Great Thing To Know About Recycling


The simple rule that I find about ‘recycling’ is that any goes. Recycling and up-cycling are easy if you don’t start off with rules.

With this denim jacket I simply knew that I wanted to see what would happen, if I combined a denim jacket and an old military band jacket. The band jacket was passed its best but I loved the details. The denim jacket was in great condition and as denim is pretty much indestructible I wanted to use it as a base and add details from the band jacket.

The left overs form the band jacket have not been waisted or thrown away. Instead I bag up everything that is left over - fabric, buttons etc so that I can use them on another project.