How to dye lace

Window Dressing

The sun is shining and by no means will I moan. I love it.

However the house is hot and we have found that shutting the curtains helps keep rooms cooler. At the same time I have been dyeing dyeing clothes in the garden and with some spare dye I decided to chuck in an crochet table cloth. My thoughts being that if it was pretty enough then it could be used as some form of net curtain…

I simply used some pink eft over hand dye in a bucket with salt. I added the table cloth and wearing rubber gloves - swished it around so that the table cloth was fully submerged. Next step was to check the level of colour suited what i was after and then straight into the washing machine on 40 degree wash to rinse any left over dye residue away.

Voila 💕

Voila 💕