Ladbroke Grove Vintage

My West London Happy Place


I love this photograph! This is one of the places I feel happy, content and totally immersed in ‘stuff’ that makes me feel happy. I.e Dead stock from the 1970’s think cheese cloth, maxi dresses, hand embroidered corduroy blazers and some massively over worn & patched denim - heaven!

It is in fact a shop in West London that I stumbled upon, nothing special from the outside. It sells Portabella Road bags, t-shirts, some 80’s bits and general Westbourne Grove memorabilia but look slightly beyond this and your eyes will rest on some super cool stuff. Look even further to the back wall and you’ll see some stunning examples of Afghanistan textiles and dresses.

As I write I’m already mentally planning a trip to mooch and find inspiration, maybe tomorrow…

Dead stock definition - A term used to describe merchandise that was never sold to or used by consumers before being removed from sale, usually because it was outdated. Dead stock is often warehoused, but it can also subsequently be offered for sale and typically retains its original package and tags.