Should I start a blog?

Should I Start A Blog?

I have found myself over the last few years putting other people first. I have silenced my voice at times and let others take the lead so that they stay happy. Now is the time to reclaim my voice, to put myself at the front of my life and give myself some time.

Prior to this I have blogged for many years. I have blogged about my fashion, family, style, sewing and my dogs.

With the silence of my voice, I also felt a loss to write. I have contemplated whether I wanted to continuing to blog although my resolution to not buy anything new stands.

I googled ‘Should I start a blog?’ and I was inspired by the breadth of reasons to start or in my case to cognate to write. These were the top reasons that came up…

Blogging is easy.

Blogging makes you a better person.

Blogging helps other people.

You can make money with blogging.

Use blogs to stay in touch.

You can make world a better place.

Blog can help to grow your business.

Blogging can become your hobby.

Blogging helps to improve writing and argumentation skills.

Having refreshed my thoughts blogging and having such an inspiring project as not buying anything new for a year, it seemed rather sad not to continue documenting my thoughts and findings. So its with new and improved vigour that I continue this blog.