Trench Coat

Sunday Shopping - Research Resources

Trench - Charity Shop, Jeans - East London Style (Home-made), Trainers - Adidas.

Trench - Charity Shop, Jeans - East London Style (Home-made), Trainers - Adidas.


When I am looking for information on an item of clothing or piece of textiles there are as we all know loads of information of the internet but I cant help but be a hopeless romantic and love a good book. I find flicking the pages, scanning them for images or words that resinate with what I'm after, often finding things up out at me that I'm not directly looking for but are pleasing to the brain. 

Obviously if we bought every book we wanted or thought we needed it would be incredibly expensive and storage would and could be an issue - however there are a couple of options that make using books less expensive and fun. 

The local library - I love our local Dalston library. It's a great space to find books, music, etc but also to work, there are reading clubs and writing groups and even a comic club - so cool! 

The local charity shops - as you can see below I found some great books on unday from our local Oxfam. Two books on textiles, an old fashion magazine and a book on silent screen actors. All of which provided me with a great source of inspiration and knowledge -costing the grand total of £1.96 which is less than a coffee in some places... 

When these books are finished with there a couple of options, give them back to the charity shop and let someone else use them, give them to a friend, sell them on... or keep them.