No 'New' Clothes Challenge 2019


Having taken the challenge not to buy anything new for the year of 2019 (now being Thursday December 27th) it feels wrong to be shopping - even though in theory I could have a few days to pack in some serious shopping.

Instead, I am having a de-clutter. I am reorganising my wardrobe into different zones.

Everyday clothes - to keep.

Vintage clothes and collectables - to keep.

Items to be re-cycled / cut / re-sewn.

The thought behind this, is that it allows to me to work out what I actually have that I want to wear as is.

And more importantly what I have that I don’t like - i.e. clothes and fabrics that I can start to play with / re-cycle. For me this is the fun bit! I don’t have to have any guilt saying I don’t like an item of clothing, or that it doens’t fit me any more or that perhaps it isn’t in fashion.

Where as in the past I may have felt guilt for dismissing things I’ve spent money, now there is no guilt because nothing is going to wasted - Everything and anything can be re-made!

I never thought that by curtailing my love for shopping that I would feel such a refreshing sensation, perhaps I’d even go as far as to say a feeling of lightness / weight removed! 💚

My future wardrobe relies on the Eagle!

My future wardrobe relies on the Eagle!

Getting Christmas Party Ready


As Christmas approaches so do the Christmas parties. I always look at jumpsuits I love them but they tend to drive me mad when as the night wears on - either due to a drink to many or being over tired - they are in increasingly difficult to zip up / use the zip at all - unless the are front fastening of cause!

So taking on two tends ‘Christmas sparkles’ and ‘Leopard print’ I came up with the dress above. Its a take on my t-shirt dress idea which simply involves adding a skirt to a top - See Design Projects above The Up-cycled Bodysuit Dress.

5 Undeniable Reasons to Love A Recycled T-shirt


I love second hand t-shirts. So much so, that I prefer them to new.

  1. They have been washed to the point the fabric is a soft a baby skin.

  2. The brash level of colour has been taken out and the colour - even black - has soften to a flattering level.

  3. Pretty much there won’t be many people with the same t-shirt as you - so enjoy your unique t-shirt.

  4. Depending where you shop, second had t-shirts can be far more affordable than buying new.

  5. Like me, second hand t-shirts seem more accessible to being changed. There for snip away, change the length, cut out the sleeves or like me today as a piece of fabric and turn one into a dress.


The One Great Thing To Know About Recycling


The simple rule that I find about ‘recycling’ is that any goes. Recycling and up-cycling are easy if you don’t start off with rules.

With this denim jacket I simply knew that I wanted to see what would happen, if I combined a denim jacket and an old military band jacket. The band jacket was passed its best but I loved the details. The denim jacket was in great condition and as denim is pretty much indestructible I wanted to use it as a base and add details from the band jacket.

The left overs form the band jacket have not been waisted or thrown away. Instead I bag up everything that is left over - fabric, buttons etc so that I can use them on another project.

The Accidental Halloween Outfit


I had no intention of making a halloween, I love the excitement the kids get and the fun of the community doing fun stuff together (so often especially in cities we don’t know everyone on our street) but frankly I find halloween rather scarey. Costumes and make up can be so realistic!

But, indvertantly whilst pursuing my new love of dying using neon dyes I had (according to our 8 year old, created a rather skeleton like dungaree costume… With a sqint of the eye he could be right…

Ann Arundell Animal Antics


I have a new found love for these mohair Ann Arundell jumpers.

I have found some on eBay and I have also bought some directly from the etsy website. They are ‘keepers’, they aren’t ‘in’ fashion and they certainly aren’t ‘out’ of fashion - they are a slightly quirky classic.

I not only loe the design but I’m also loving mohair, it is so warm. I used to find tricky and scratchy and slightly uncomfortable - i’n not sure what changed me obviously!

Mohair is usually a yarn made from the hair of the Angora goat. It is durable and resilient, mohair is notable for its high luster and sheen which has helped gain it the nickname the "Diamond Fiber", and is often used in fiber blends to add these qualities to a textile.

Mohair can by dyed exceptionally well. Mohair is warm in winter as it has excellent insulating properties, while remaining cool in summer due to its moisture wicking properties. It is durable, naturally elastic, flame resistant and crease resistant. It is considered to be a luxury fiber, like cashmere, angora and silk. It is usually more expensive than most wool that is produced by sheep - which is possibly why the ‘vintage’ Ann Arundell that I have found on eBay are in impeccable condition!

How To Create The 'Preen' Hemline

Preen - Fluted hem.

Preen - Fluted hem.

Preen - Hancki-chief hem.

Preen - Hancki-chief hem.

Preen - Asymmetrical hem.

Preen - Asymmetrical hem.

Skirt hems are changing, they no longer need to be one length or symmetrical. See above for Preen’s fantastic skirt lengths and designs. They use a traditional ‘hankie chief hem’, a 'slightly ‘fluted’ hem and then they cut an ‘asymmetrical’ hem.

These are great inspiration for updating a dress or skirt with very little skill needed or much sewing. I decided to try changing a hem on a maxi dress.

I cut a moon shape out of the front the hem deliberately off centre - i.e I didnt measure, I just cut and what was, will be. Simply with this style of hem - nothing can go wrong. I then simply double turn the hem of the fabric and sewed into place. I cant wait to wear this dress with thick socks and boots 👢.

Dress with uncut hem.

Dress with uncut hem.

Hem cut out on the right side of the dress.

Hem cut out on the right side of the dress.

Hem detail.

Hem detail.

Here's Why Denim Is So Awesome To Recycle

Jeans - East London Style (Home made), Trainers - Fila Disruptor II

Jeans - East London Style (Home made), Trainers - Fila Disruptor II

I love working and recycling with denim. The main reason is that pretty much denim is indestructible. You can sew and re-sew and un-do and re-sew again pretty much on the same spot and the fabric will not give way and rip.

When and if you do get rips, patch it! Or leave it as a rip and incorporate this into what you are doing.

Recycling jeans is great, there are so many ways that I can’t wait to show you on this blog.

You can bleach, dye, over dye after bleaching, cutting, sewing, making into - dresses, skirts, shorts, new jeans, bags, pretty much anything and the great thing - yep - it’s pretty much indestructible.

With the jeans in these photographs, I have incorporated a pair of cargo pants (another very tough fabric that is great to work with), I have also added ribbons and tape.

And just for fun I didn’t bother having a plan or making them symmetrical in design - sewing is so enjoyable! and there are no rules as to what you can and can’t do.


A Vintage Dress Success Story You'll Never Believe

Dress - Paper Dress Vintage, Trainers - Fila Disruptor 2

Dress - Paper Dress Vintage, Trainers - Fila Disruptor 2

I knew that on Saturday our local vintage clothing store ‘Paper Dress Vintage’ was holding a sale. I’ve been before and these sales are great, cheap clothing but unlike an enormous ‘kilo sale’ this sale is well curated and manageable (on a hangover…). However I’m not in need of any more clothing, vintage or otherwise. In fact I’m clearing out, I’m putting everything into piles - keep, store, recycle and OUT.


I thought it rude not to go, they had kindly sent me an invite, at least go and have a look…


AND - yes I came home with a bag full, in fact 6 dresses and 1 skirt better off. Nows here’s the thing, I genuinely thought at this price that I would be looking at pieces that I could and perhaps would have to recycle but oh no. Each piece is fantastic in its own right. I may still recycle a couple of the dresses, the skirt will be made into a t-shirt dress for definite. So all in all an absolute success and the next sale… I’ll be there at the opening time of 10am on the nose!


N.B - I kept the tags and did a quick tally up when I got home. The full price total of my bag would have been £236 😊.

Knitting Goals - Ann Arundell Knitwear

Jumper - Ann Arundell, Dress - Ibiza Flea Market, Shoes - Isabel Marant, Socks - M&S

Jumper - Ann Arundell, Dress - Ibiza Flea Market, Shoes - Isabel Marant, Socks - M&S

I am so excited to have found Ann Arundel Knitwear. It is hand knitted in the united Kingdom and is amazing. This is my first piece and I have subsequently found a great elephant piece on eBay and I have commissioned a lion jumper.

This is hand knitting at its best, not only re the designs quirky and fantastic quality but the mohair yarn is dare I say delicious! absolute quality.

An absolute must, is to look at the animal jumper gallery on their website. For me its like being a child in a candy store all over again. Goals to knit like this would be amazing but in the short term I cant help but dream…

An 'Off To Get A Tattoo' Outfit

Velour Bottoms - Traid, Jacket - Isabel Marant, Shoes - Acne, T-shirt - Charity Shop, Bag - Fendi (ebay)

Velour Bottoms - Traid, Jacket - Isabel Marant, Shoes - Acne, T-shirt - Charity Shop, Bag - Fendi (ebay)

So day 2 back to school and I have a cheeky tattoo booked in. This didn't happen on purpose just confidently. I love having tattoos, as a general rule as long as I am minus stress, I actually find them relaxing. Rather like enforced meditation. 

I am partlcar about what I wear to go for a tattoo, comfort is key. I take a pair of shorts and socks and I wear a body, this means most body parts can be accessed with ease. I like to wear comfy track pants and a loose top so that after the tattoo nothing feels tight or restricting if the skin is tender.  

This time I had a tattoo on my lower leg and upper arm which meant I left the tattoo parlour slightly rustling but in extreme comfort 😉.

Parliament Tattoo Parlour.

Parliament Tattoo Parlour.

Back To School

We made it. We made the coach, we ran. 

Jeans - East London Style (Home-made), Dress - Vintage Dead Stock, Jacket - Isabel Marant, Trainers - Nike.

Jeans - East London Style (Home-made), Dress - Vintage Dead Stock, Jacket - Isabel Marant, Trainers - Nike.


I can't believe the summer is over. I love spending time with Lyric, he is a joy to spend time with and a fun travelling companion. But with the summer holiday comes a lack of time or at least I loose time and this blog looses its self... 

But I'm back and I have a new schedule. I have decided to try achieving tasks, jobs, chores and the fun stuff in 30 minute slots. So I write this with a timer next to me, I don't have to finish but I am going to stick with one thing for half an hour and whatever I achieve is great. The idea is that I can manage big jobs by breaking them down into manageable amounts. 

And each half hour achieved is a bonus and to be celebrated 💕.

Denim Shorts

Shorts - Dead stock Notting Hill, Blouse - Traid Kingsland Road, Boots - Isabel Marant.

Shorts - Dead stock Notting Hill, Blouse - Traid Kingsland Road, Boots - Isabel Marant.


A few years ago I stumbled along upon a shop in Notting Hill that sold dead stock from the 70's and 80's. I tend not to go shopping there too often as I have a tendency to get over excited. At the start of the summer holidays I popped in to treat myself and the owner mentioned he had a bag of old denim shorts. They were old jeans from the 70's that had been worn out and in the 80's cut into shorts and patched. They were super cool and at £5 a pair it was hard to not to explode with denim happiness! 

Dead stock definition - Brand new, never worn and from a decade before or earlier.

The Glasses Chain

Dress - Dead Stock Notting Hill, Boots - Dorateymur, Glasses chain - Amazon

Dress - Dead Stock Notting Hill, Boots - Dorateymur, Glasses chain - Amazon


There are two things I love about this outfit. Firstly the bright red boots, a recent sale purchase and a brilliant boot - the heel is good enough to make a quick sprint and the colour speaks for itself - It doesn't matter how you feel or how bad your hair might be these boots radiate 😊.

Secondly, the glasses chain. Oh, how I love the glasses chain ❤️. Currently the glasses chain has come back into fashion curtesy of Frame Chain on - they have some amazing styles. I love the fact that when I feel I have lost my glasses, I simply have to look around my neck! Plus I love that you can update your style and even your update your glasses with adding or changing an accessory. I bought the above chain from Amazon for £6 which was actually for two chains! 

Hand Block Printed Indian Dress

Dress - Flea Market Ibiza, Levis Jacket - RSPCA Charity Shop Clapton, Trainers - Nike.

Dress - Flea Market Ibiza, Levis Jacket - RSPCA Charity Shop Clapton, Trainers - Nike.

The summer holidays are here, in fact we are almost past the middle point. The sun hasn't stopped shining, the grass is a burnt ochre colour and at times we have flagged under the heat. Gently the heat is giving to  slightly cooler mornings. Which is where I find myself on a Wednesday morning at 8am - a slightly cooler morning trip to Regents Park (bike lessons for 'our kid').

The fact I turned up i something other than pjs was a start and I simply tired to what I know works - Indian dress, Levis jacket and trainers - tried and trusted! 

I have a huge collection of vintage indian hand block printed dresses - I love them . 

Woodblock printing on textiles is the process of using incised wooden blocks to print on to natural finer cloth such as linen and cotton. It is the earliest, simplest and slowest of all methods of textile writing and also one of the most enjoyable to do yourself. Block printing by hand is a slow process. It is, however, capable of yielding highly artistic results, some of which are unobtainable by any other method.


Sizzling In Paris


Paris in August is hot ☀️, especially this year. Every summer we come to Paris in August, which is when tradinally everyone leaves Paris but actualy they don't all leave Paris and everything is open. This is year though, I do confess is super hot. Temperatures reaching 34 degrees today... ♨️

I packed well but its always nice to find something new to buy whilst away but given most things I buy are second hand and in need of a wash! Yesterday I managed to find a light cotton dress in Free P Star and after a quick hand wash in the bath tub last night, its now dry and ready to wear (the advantages of hot weather) 💕.


Paris Vintage / Flea Market Shop

Shorts - Vintage from Westbourne Grove London, Blouse - Isabel Marant, Belt Bag - Champion, Tiredness - Models own 

Shorts - Vintage from Westbourne Grove London, Blouse - Isabel Marant, Belt Bag - Champion, Tiredness - Models own 

Its the summer holidays and we are already on week 3, it is crazy how time flies - literally. The first week we were in Ibiza (I didn't post a thing, in fact I don't remember doing a thing - exhaustion literally hit me! ). 

The second week we were back in London, Lyric was at an Ecological holiday camp for a week and I was resident driver and sandwich maker aka from home. Amongst that we spent the week embarking on Tie-dye - more to come next week (Tie-dye is so much fun!).

And now we are in Paris, I actually feel refreshed and ready to hit the Parisan streets for some serious flea marketing. Which brings me to my favourite vintage shop in Paris 'Free P Star'. Free P Star is ace, it is a mixture of 1 euro clothes and some more choicer pieces up to about 30 euros, mostly items hover around the 10-20 euros. Clothes are bought out in large white sacks and distributed around the shop as and when the need more stock which can be hourly! my need to you back twice daily is justified (at least to me!) 😉.