Liberty's of London - Tana Lawn Cotton

I love shopping but not always the high end, glossy boutiques. Quite often I can be found having a rummage through a charity shop , flea market or a car-boot sale. These are the places you can walk away with nothing or a golden 'find'. 

Today was no exception. I found the prettiest late 70's shirt dress. After a quick internet search I'm not the wiser regarding the label 'Selective Marketplace'. Nor any closer to being able to say if it's a Liberty of London print - which I suspect it might be. 

However, whilst searching Liberty of London vintage fabrics and prints, most of which are printed  on 'Tana Lawn cotton' - it occurred to me that I've never thought or known what 'Tana Lawn cotton' is.

Simply its a 100% cotton fabric made from ultra fine, long staple cotton fibres and woven and produced without the use of any crease-resisting chemicals and irritants. The end result is a fabric that is cool, durable, opaque, comfortable to wear and takes print and colour well - allowing the design to be replicated onto fabric as clear and concise as the original. 

Which is great as there are over 43,000 Liberty of London prints in existence and this added to by roughly a further 120 designs every year. Now thats's an archive I'd love see, experience and loose myself in - literally for days!