Otomi Mexican Hand Embroidery

Having spent significant time away writing a children's book - and - before I spend even more time getting it published - it's time to get back to my love of textiles.

Although I've had little time to work on archiving the pieces of clothing, it hasn't stopped me collecting! Even last weekend I was able to pick up a couple of vintage hand embroidered Mexican dresses. 

There are several types of embroidery used for Mexican clothing. Working on different weights of fabric, some looser light weights are great for simple cross stitch. In addition heavier cotton and linen fabrics can be used too. One of the most common and stunning types of embroidery is Otomi Hand Embroidery.  

It is a stunning type of embroidery often depicting birds, flora and wild life. The embroidery stitch used is called 'false satin stitch'. This is where the stitch is only kept on the front of the fabric and not taken to the back but kept in place by a holding it in place at each end by a small stitch. This means that large areas can be covered very economically. Often found on simple kaftan style dresses, blouses, as well as house hold textiles such as pillow cases, cushions, quilts.