Mindfulness Denim

Being of 'mindfulness' is a current trend... 

Mindfulness colouring for all ages is a relaxing and enjoyable past time. Not only does it allow the creative thoughts to flow, it allows the brain to rest. 

Taking the concept and applying it to clothes is not something new - especially for children. There are many t-shirt and fabric pen combinations. So rather than update a pair of jeans by embroidery which quite frankly I don't have the time or patience for! I thought I'd try permanent markers - Sharpies. 

Wow! - Quick, fun, enjoyable, cost effective (way cheaper than the Gucci jeans I was lusting after!) and allowing a huge amount of 'mindfulness' and brain rest - I am addicted! 

All that is needed is a pack of permanent markers, I found Sharpies to be very effective. They don't bleed into the denim and hold their colour well. In addiction some old jeans and a piece of cardboard to be placed under the fabric you are working on to stop the colouring going through the fabric onto the table or through to the back of the leg for example if your working on the front leg.