The Military Influenced Jacket

Band jackets, Military jackets, formal, glossy and smart with rows of buttons and trims. There is nothing more fabulous than a Military influenced jacket. 

And, they are everywhere from the high street thought to top of the price range designers...

But they are equally to be found in local charity shops or through websites such as Etsy or eBay. I have picked up several from all three sources and each one has cost me less than £50. Some for example like the one below cost me £10 from our local RSPCA. 

The buttons are highly glossy, the trim - bright red and neat. Now, heres where buying from the charity shop or online can raise a difficulty - size notably the width of the shoulders - but - all this can be solved by reducing the width of your lower half of the body. Narrow legged jeans or trousers, a 90's inspired bias slip dress BUT most over all inching the waist of the jacket by the use of a belt can bring the jacket into shape. 

It rather reminds me of borrowing the 'boy friends' jacket after a log and rather fabulous, fun night out...

Kari Greaves