Why Vintage Clothing?

With a new space to store my Vintage Clothing collection comes a renewed love for the collection its self.

I've collected clothing for well over 20 years and love so many aspects of collecting - the thrill of searching and stumbling upon a gem. Perhaps an item of clothing that is hard to come by, a designer that is sought after or perhaps just something that a great print or embroidery. I like searching in vintage clothing shops but i love searching in more 'down market' places - flea markets, kilo sales and in every country or county I get the chance to visit - essentially I'm always on the look out!

I am taken by designers - who doesn't fancy wearing vintage Gucci or Chanel... but there are so many other things to love - being able to shop away from the high street always you to be individual. Also quite often if you have a good search you can pick up a bargain. 

A  key trick is to look online, in magazines, blogs, websites - look at trends or ideas of things you like and that sit you - and - then when your out and about searching you have a mental reference point. Obviously you can go 'off piste' and be inspired by what you find on the day. 

All in love - I adore vintage clothing and the search