Friday Street Car Boot

You only have to mention the words Car & Boot together and my heart skips a beat,

my ears prick up and suddenly I'm alert - I love car-boots! Lazy, hazy, sunny, Sunday mornings spent mooching and snooping around someone else's unwanted goods is my idea of bliss. Not only do I find it relaxing, I love the thrill of looking, searching, finding the obscure. 

So what better way to spend the first day of our holiday that mooching around the Friday Street Car Boot in Suffolk. It opens from 7am and by the time we got there at 10am it was well underway. So much so that by the time we had wandered around for two hours it was approaching mid-day and traders were staring to pack up - definitely one for the early risers. 

Its far to say there was a great and varied assortment of items. Ranging from a pony trap,  mannequin heads, potted garden plants, books, vintage jewellery, assorted vintage linens and a huge array of children's toys.

The 'Wee One' hit pot luck and walked away with Play Mobile, vintage books, sea shells - of which we tested each one to confirm we could hear the sea - we could! A small wooden 'pirates chest' and some small toy cars. I didn't fair so well in quantity but nether the less I came up trumps, retiring with a 1920 Leather suitcase and a Sea horse and pearl encased in resin.

The car boot sale is situated on the A12 A1094 junction between Farnham and Saxmundham.