Colour by Flowers


As a family we are finding it hard to agree on any colours to decorate our home.

The more colour palettes I bring home, the more home magazines we sit and pour over - it only seem to heighten our likes individually rather than be interested or understanding what other people like. 

Probably plating Monopoly at the same time doesn't help the competitive nature of our family...

But on-one thing that we do love as a family are fresh flowers the home and none does them better (for us) than Petalon

Petalon deliver flowers than are not only stunning but by bicycle (so envirmantly supportive) and they donate £1 from every order to The Bees Collective to support bees for the Lononders - and as we live in London and we love honey - its a no brainer!  

So far we are have narrowed our colour pallets to the two bouquets below... now all we have to do is separate the colours into our individual likes and then into paint / furnishings / textures...

but hey its a good starting point.