A Chance to Delve into The Versace Archive


The William Vintage Gianni Versace Arvhive Collection is available to for us to look at from 10th October on the Farfetch website - and - at the William Vintage Boutique London.  


Versace is back. 

I'm not sure that it ever really left... its like marmite. It's one of those brands that stands strong whether you love or hate it. 

The London vintage emporium William Vintage has joined together with the amazing e-commerce website Farfetch to sell - yes sell - a 500 piece collection of Versace. The collection ranges from 1977 through to 1997. 

Prices range from £195 (Similar to a high priced H&M - bearable at a  push) through to an amazing £38,995 price point - for this you would be able to purchase a dress from the renowned Bondage Collection. 

But... whether you can afford to purchase or not - what we can do is look. 

One not to miss!