DIY Your Own Asymmetric Hemline

The 1990's are back - fashion is embracing body-con dresses, bias-cut slip dresses and trainers and dresses.

Add to this The Asymmetric hemline. Everyone from JW Anderson to Topshop Unique 

An asymmetrical hem looks fairly simple to do yourself especially when the trend is to leave the hem raw - no sewing needed!

And - it is very simple to do.

  • I choose a maxi, floral dress just perfect for the spring.
  • I hung the dress up and decided where the shortest point on one side seam should be and them the longest point on the other sides seam.
  • Then with confidence I simply cut a sloping backwards 'S' shape between the two points. It doesn't have to be a sloping backwards 'S' shape you can also cut in a straight line from the high point straight to the low point - all this does is give a more dramatic slope to the hem.
  • At this point I hung the dress back up to admire my handy work and make the choice of whether to hem or not - i have decided  not t hem the dress but it would be easy to by sewing machine, hand or even taking to your local dry cleaners / tailors.

All thats needed now is a little sunshine *wishful thinking but the real beauty of the asymmetric hem is that it can easily be worn in the summer with bare legs or in the cooler months with tights and ankle boots - win win.