The Beauty of The Breton Stripe

We think we know all about The Breton Stripe but do we...

Its a blue and white stripe top, generally with long or three quarter length sleeves and a boat neck.

Or is it...


The History of the Breton Stripe

The Breton stripe originates from Bretagne the french for Brittany on the North West coast of France.   A decree in 1858 on the 27th March to be precise - introduced the striped shirt as the seaman’s uniform. The stripes were white for 2cm and then blue for 1cm.  The style of the top was designed to be practical with the length of the top being intended to cover the lower back of the seafarer and the top was not too loose so as not to get caught on anything during work - pretty sensible to me - which to this day The Breton Stripe can be described as a practical item of clothing.

Somewhat ironically, the garment usually has a boat neckline.  The distinctive striped pattern made them easy to spot in the waves in emergencies.

The stripe pattern is so closely linked with Brittany that their flag, designed in 1923, also contains the Breton stripe pattern, albeit in black and white rather than navy blue and white.  The nine horizontal stripes represent the traditional Brittany dioceses

Its not hard to see why this became such a poplar and well loved item of clothing even to this day.