Rush Shoes

Rush Shoes

Whilst on holiday in Ibiza, sun shining, breeze blowing any thoughts from my mind, I stubbled (literally - there was a large basket in my way) of shoes. 

Not typical holiday shoes, i.e rubber flip flops, canvas pumps but rather simple looking flat mules made from a dried reed or grass-like material. 

Obviously its hot and more importantly dry! And so with a romantic notion of living in a dry, dusty environment, I bought of couple of paris. Note to self - when home in England the weather is significantly wetter and said shoes cant be worn outside (or at least only for perhaps a week of the year!) however they make excellent house shoes or slippers. 

I popped a photo on Instagram - they were well received but I knew very little about them. Until I was browsing through the magical book - Craft Traditions of the World. It turns out they aren't just located from Spain but world wide. In Africa and the Americas they are produced using the grasses from the savannahs and prairies. In China and Japan, the straw from rice plants are used. They can be found in Russia, Romania, Nepal, in fact anywhere that has access to dry flat grasses or rushes - these tend to have a spongy middle.  

The shoes are literally woven using basic warp and weft structure. Creating a top or circular piece before the edge is bound with twin to give a finished edge.