Vintage Swimwear

Beach Style

The summer holidays are well under way. Every year the same wee thoughts - keep the swimwear I already have or buy new...

I find myself flicking through the magazines for inspiration but just get wildly stressed over how young or skinny or young again the models are why do they have to look so perfect... but all this changed when I read the following statement in The Lady magazine (my guilty pleasure).

When it comes to genuine chic as opposed to fickle fashions, perhaps things haven’t changed that much’.

What a genuinely lovely and comforting thought because lets be honest the human body maybe more athletic, healthy or not, perhaps even taller but essentially we are still human with arms, leg, a body and a head. 

If we look at the styles of swimwear or resort wear over the last few decades fashions may change but the 'stylish' swimwear is fairly consistent to the present day.








Present day....