Simple Tray Bake Treat

Playdate fun, rainy days, Sunday afternoons, whatever the reason, whatever the excuse - we always have a store cupboard with its fair share of the following - Victoria sponge cake mix, a selection of sprinkles and icing sugar. 

For a quick and easy cheery cake simply a square or rectangular oven proof dish with parchment paper and quickly whip up the cake mix - usually this entitles an egg and a dash of milk or knob of butter, simply bake - a tray bake cake.

If we have a house full of children, the cake is simply divided up into squares. Places a few squares onto a plate for each child. Add a super simple bowl of icing sugar and water mix (cocoa powder can also be added) with a good selection of sprinkles, small sweets or even dried fruit and nuts. 

Then simply let loose, have fun, enjoy and then eat.


Kari Greaves