Endless Hours Of Fun


Shrinking plastic has to be one of the most fabulous past times. (Some of us even remember shrinking crisp packets - I do!) There are endless things you can do or make with shrinking plastic - jewellery, animals, christmas decorations, key rings, pretty much anything.

But, it's not just what you can make that is fun but the process and the fact the end result can then be continued to be played with.

There are two types of plastic. Firstly smooth, which you can use permanent makers on (this is what I use), however if you don't feel like giving children permanent markers - as maybe like mine he's created his own tattoo sleeves with permanent markers many a time! then you can use a slightly sanded plastic which absorbs coloured pencils - far safer for little hands.

Basically, you create an image on the plastic. Colour in the desired image or design. Cut out the image and hole punch any part that requires a hole - for example if attaching to a key ring. Then place the plastic on tin foil in the oven at 150 degrees until the image has shrunk and is flat (usually 2 to 3 minutes). At this point the fun doesn't stop as they can be use for children's roll play, decorations, adding further decorations - eyes, sparkles, glitter glue...

BIG N.b the plastic roughly shrinks up to 7 times smaller and 7 times thicker. 

You can buy packs that contain pre-drawn images or free style - what ever you choose there endless amounts of fun!